Sometimes, the best way to not get your heart broken is to act like you don’t have one. 

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the thought of someone else touching you makes me sick to my stomach

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it’s really hard when you’re in a group of friends and each of them has their own “best friend” in the group.

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If you leave, please stay gone


Cc (six word story)

Exactly this. Do not contact me, tell me you miss me, tell me things remind you of me, do not message me, or say you miss my face and my smile. This is false hope, and it really hurt in the end. So just, stay gone.

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Marvel’s biggest secret is how they make Robert Downey Jr. appear taller than he actually is…




RDJ is 5’ 8½”

Gwyneth (5’ 9”) and we know she is wearing killer heels ALL the time


Chris (6’ 0½”)



Problem solved.


I think I just bloody died scrolling down and seeing rdj wearing heels.

always reblog rdj in his hooker heels

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